Download guide, “Capital Markets CRM vs. Standard CRM: Three Key Differences & Benefits”

Capital Markets CRM vs. Standard CRM:

Three Key Differences & Benefits


Learn how capital markets firms address the common challenges they face as they are doing more with fewer resources. Efficiency is critical, and digital strategy is of utmost importance. CRM software purpose-built for financial markets provides a centralized workplace across the business to drive results with unified processes and access to real-time client data.

In this whitepaper, we discuss three key necessities you get from a capital markets CRM that you wouldn't get with a generic one, and analyze how users can cut down on administrative tasks by up to an hour per day.* Learn how those in research, sales, trading, investment banking, and more: 

  • Solve pervasive banking and markets problems and translate data into ideas that generate revenue

  • Access the benefits of a security engine to keep teams regulatory compliant, and able to execute their day-to-day activities with confidence  

  • Facilitate real-time sharing of client information in a secure capacity across coverage teams 

*Based on the average Tier1 user  

About Tier1

Tier1 Financial Solutions is a leader in global relationship management software for the financial industry. It empowers its clients to increase productivity, reduce relationship risk and enhance customer ROI. Tier1 augments the Salesforce platform with a capital markets grade security engine, coverage management and accelerated web and mobile workflows to support the unique requirements of Research, Sales & Trading, Corporate and Investment Banking and Investment Management professionals. Trusted by more than 19,000 users worldwide, its flexible, scalable solutions empower collaboration, transparency, and communication across the institutional financial ecosystem. For more information, visit